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The ISPA Social Development Project "Train the Teachers" Report





During 2001 the ISPA decided to investigate sponsorship options in order to fund an Internet related training project. An ISPA task team was formed to identify the existing needs within the different areas of social development. After deliberation it was agreed to initiate a programme to assist in solving the computer literacy problems currently being experienced in schools. Several meetings were held between officials from the Gauteng Department of Education and members of the task team. It was agreed that teachers from the Johannesburg East District 9, one of 12 districts with the Gauteng Department of Education would be given the opportunity to attend a basic PC Literacy training course.


The ISPA Management Committee approved the Social Development Pilot Project "Train the Teachers". The task team commenced with formulating the criteria for the implementation of a "Beginner's Course". SANGONeT's training facility was selected as the venue. The course content was developed and finalised with the assistance of the SANGONeT Training Co-ordinator. The first course took place during November/December 2001 over a period of 5 Saturdays. The trainers reported that the course had been very successful and that teachers had shown enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and were grateful for the opportunity to enhance their skills.


An ISPA Social Development Committee was formed and UniForum SA approached with a request to give consideration to sponsoring this training. UniForum kindly agreed to contribute an approximate amount of R20, 000.00 per month. An ISPA / UniForum partnership was formed accordingly.


Proposals submitted by the trainers were considered and members of the SocDev Committee agreed that the first group of 20 teachers who had completed the "Beginners Course" would be given an opportunity to attend Excel and Internet Courses, (not covered in the first course). The bridging course took place from 25 May to 15 June 2002. A second "Beginners Course" was run from 24 to 28 June 2002. During 2002, a total of 40 teachers were trained.


"SuperTeachers" Award 2005


Local teacher and headmaster of the Inkosi uMdibaniso High School near Port Shepstone, Mr. Thulani Thwala was recently awarded the Super Teacher of the Year accolade by the ISPA and UniForum SA. The award is awarded to the teacher most able to transfer his/her new IT skills to the community.


Well done Mr. Thwala! [picture]


Thulani Thwala, the winner of the 2005 SuperTeacher award was an in-studio guest on Lotus FM on 13 October 2005. You can download the real-media streams of the interview at the following URLs (two files, 3.5MB in total):



During February 2004, the training co-ordinator arranged a meeting with Mr Riaan van Brakel, a Director of Avuxeni Computer Academy, based in the Limpopo province. The academy is accredited and registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunication Technologies (ISETT) SETA. A training proposal was forwarded by Avuxeni Computer Academy and after consideration was appointed to train 25 teachers during the Easter vacation in order to assess their level of competence.


Three training organisations were appointed to provide computer beginners courses to teachers and the following schools agreed to host the training:

  • Meloding High School, Virginia, Free State - SANGONeT
  • Itshupeng High School, Schweizer-Reneke, NWP - training and stuff
  • Giyani and Nkowankowa areas in Limpopo - Avuxeni Computer Academy

During the July vacation, a second beginners course was facilitated at the following schools:

  • Port Shepstone : Gcilima Primary School
  • Pietermaritzburg : Esigodini Public Primary School
  • Harding : Enyandeni Primary School
  • Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

During the October vacation, a third beginners course was facilitated at the Sparrow Combined School in Sophiatown, Johannesburg.


During the December vacation, an intermediate course was offered to teachers who had completed the beginners course at Nkowankowa Intermediate School, Limpopo Province


Easter vacation training costs


During the 2004 Easter vacation, 58 teachers received training.
Easter Vacation total training cost for this period: R77,215.12


During the 2004 June/July vacation, 73 teachers received training.
June/July total training cost for this period: R121,524.15


During the 2004 October vacation, 20 teachers received training
October total training cost for this period: R20,000,00


During the 2004 December vacation, 20 teachers received training
December total training cost for this period: R20,000.00


During 2004 a total amount of R238,739.27 was paid out to the training organisations.


In response to a request circulated to the ISPA members to consider sponsoring one teacher, Tiscali and MTN NS each very generously sponsored the training of one teacher during 2004.


Members of the Social Development Committee recently took a decision that, in future, training proposals would only be considered from accredited training organisations.


The ISPA, on behalf of members extends its gratitude and appreciation to the UniForum SA Board for making this all possible through their active participation and very generous sponsorship.


2003 Training Costs


During the 2003 Easter vacation, 98 teachers received training.
Easter Vacation Training Costs - total expenditure for this period: R135,181.78


During the 2003 June/July vacation, 96 teachers received training.
June/July Training Costs - total expenditure for this period: R147,671.80


A total amount of R282,853.58 was paid out to the following:

  • Training companies
  • Host schools for refreshments and luncheons
  • Transport costs to the educators

The ISPA / UniForum SA joint partnership successfully trained 194 educators during 2003.



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