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ISC F-Root Servers

Membership category: none
Connected to JINX: Yes
Autonomous system number: 27322
IP address at JINX: and
Prefixes accepted: all /24 (or shorter) non-martian prefixes
Contact person: NOC phone: +1 650 423 1310
NOC e-mail: noc @ (preferred)
New sessions: peering @

Statement of interconnection policy:

ISC is happy to peer with everybody.


NOC phone and e-mail contact details are required.

Routing policy

ISC announces the single IPv4 prefix as part of an anycast deployment of the F-root nameserver.


All peering queries should be addressed to:

  • ISC Peering Coordinator (peering @ for new sessions
  • ISC NOC (noc @ for issues with existing sessions
  • ISC NOC tel. +1 650 423 1310,, INOC-DBA 3557

Weekly JINX traffic for ISC F-Root Server 1
Weekly JINX traffic for ISC F-Root Server 2

iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

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