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Howto become an INX participant

Connecting to an INX

Before connecting to one of ISPA's INXes, you should familiarise yourself with ISPA's INX policies and costs available here

Note that ISPs outside of South Africa but within Southern Africa may join ISPA as non-voting international members. They have the same access to the INXes and pay the same fees as other members of their size.

Overview of the application process

Setup requirements are essentially as follows:

  1. Apply for a Telkom line (or let know if you're connecting via some other means).
  2. Request that an IP address be allocated to you, using the instructions here.
  3. Arrange to be added to the list of people permitted to access the INX. Refer to the Access Procedures bit of this page.
  4. Let IS know when you'll be arriving at the INX, using the step-by-step guide on the same page (here)
  5. Take your router to the INX. There is some information on the type of router you'll need on the INX FAQ page here.
  6. Use the links to the individual companies on the left-hand side of the INX pages (menu system, bottom half) to find out what the other ISPA members' policies are for arranging interconnection. It can often be useful to do this step in parallel to the above steps, because some peering partners may require contracts to be signed or peering/transit charges to be negotiated.
  7. Let the ISPA webmaster know what your interconnection policy is, as well as the other information listed on the site for each JINX participant. (template here)
  8. Notify once you are live. If you need to upgrade your membership category (depending on what sort of connection you want to install), we'll do that automatically from the month after your connection goes live.

iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

Report Internet child pornography to the Film and Publication Board's hotline or the SAPS. More info here