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Request a Take-Down Notice

Please complete the following form in order to lodge a Take-Down Notice against an ISPA member.

Take-Down Notices lodged using this form will be allocated a reference number (i.e. TDN.#000) and you will receive a copy of the information you submit to the email address you provide. Email addresses are never divulged by ISPA to third parties. - Refer ISPA's Privacy Policy for more info.

Upon receipt of your take-down request, ISPA will confirm that all of the required information is included. We will also check that the content you are referring to is hosted on that organisation's network, and that the remedial action you have requested is feasible. If, for some reason, your request fails one of these tests, you will be notified of the reason. If the requests passes these tests, it will be forwarded on to the service provider in question, and you will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your take-down request. You should get a response from ISPA within three working days.

Once a service provider has responded to the notification, either by removing the content concerned, or by refusing to remove the content for some reason, you will receive a further notification from ISPA. (You may also receive correspondence directly from the service provider concerned.)

Please refer to the Take-down Procedure for more detail.

Your Name:
Name of ISP: (list of members)
Problem Activity:
Describe Problem:
Remedial Action:
The above information is to my knowledge, true and correct and has been provided in good faith.

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