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Code of Conduct

Please use the links on the left-hand-side of the page to navigate this section of the ISPA website.

Quick Links:

  1. Read ISPA's Code of Conduct and the associated complaints procedure to familiarise yourself with the complaints process.
  2. Lodge a Code of Conduct complaint against an ISPA member.
  3. Review the following guide:"How to request a Take-down Notice"
    before lodging a request for a Take-Down

Please note:

  • Code of Conduct complaints are allocated a reference as follows: COC.#000
  • Take-down Notices are allocated a reference as follows: TDN.#000

where 000 is an incremental number

If you have any queries regarding ISPA's Code of Conduct, complaints or take-down procedures please contact ISPA.



iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

Report Internet child pornography to the Film and Publication Board's hotline or the SAPS. More info here