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Key Milestones & Victories for ISPA:

1996 - Formation of the Internet Service Providers Association of SA (ISPA).

1996 - SATRA rules that Telkom's monopoly does not extend to the Internet protocol, blocking Telkom's attempt to extend its monopoly to include Internet access.

1996 - Establishment of the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX) by ISPA members.

2000 - Teachers' Training program launched to provide computer and Internet literacy to teachers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

2001 - ISPA and UniForum host the inaugural iWeek conference that continues annually to this day.

2001 - ISPA becomes a founder member of AfrISPA.

2004 - WiFi LANs (Local Area Networks) are declared legal by ICASA, as a result of hearings requested by ISPA.

2004 - ISPA negotiates IPC agreement with Telkom enabling larger ISPs to provide alternative ADSL solutions.

2006 - The IRB guidelines are published after a period of 4 years, primarily due to the pressure exerted by ISPA.

2007 - Concerned about the potential anti-competitive consequences ISPA successfully lobbies the Competition Commission to prevent Telkom's proposed acquisition of BCX.

2007 - Teachers' Training program reaches a milestone of 1000 teachers trained.

2007 - ISPA becomes a founder member of the International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA).

2008 - First public Hall of Shame report published for South African spammers.

2009 - ICASA completes the licenses conversion process for existing VANS licence holders (including many ISPA members) on 19th January.

2009 - ISPA launches an ISP entrepreneur training course.

2009 - Teachers' Training program reaches a milestone of 1500 teachers trained.

2009 - ISPA officially recognised as an IRB by the Department of Communications.

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iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

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