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Apply for ISPA Membership

Please complete the following form and click the submit button to send your application through for approval. Please note that membership application takes up to 5 days to process correctly.

I/We (Company/Organisation)

Hereby apply to join the Internet Service Providers Association as:

Where did you hear about ISPA?

What are your primary reasons for wanting to join the association?

Public Email Address:
Public Web Address:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Postal Address:
Street Address:
Primary Contact:
Title, Name and Surname:
Email Address:
Direct Telephone:
Legal/Regulatory Contact:
Title, Name and Surname:
Email Address:
Direct Telephone:
Technical Contact:
Title, Name and Surname:
Email Address:
Direct Telephone:
Billing Contact:
Title, Name and Surname:
Email Address:
Direct Telephone:

Small and Affiliate Members

Please indicate how you would like to settle your membership fees:
Monthly: R570.00 per month (VAT inclusive)
Annually: R5700.00 annual fee (VAT inclusive)

Services Offered:

The types of services offered by ISPA's members have been grouped into major categories below. Please indicate all of the services which your company offers in each category by selecting the relevant checkbox.

Each section has space for you to fill in other services you provide which fall in that category, but which aren't already listed. Please include any additional services you'd like us to include here.

The appropriate services will be listed next to your company's name on the ISPA website.

Description/Catagory of Service

Internet Access Services:
Dialup Access (up to 56k) or ISDN (64k/128k)
ADSL Access
Wireless Access
Leased Line Access (dedicated 64k+)
Other (please specify)

Hosting Services

Web Site Hosting (site hosted on ISP server)
Server hosting (co-location of server on ISP's network)
Other (please specify)

Hardware Provision

Routers (rental)
Routers (sale)
Servers (rental)
Servers (sale)
Other (please specify)

Security Services

Software Firewalls (installation, configuration, maintenance)
Hardware Firewalls (installation, configuration, maintenance)
Security Audits
Other (please specify)

Content Development

Web Site (development and maintenance of client's web site)
Intranet (development and maintenance of client's web site)
Other (please specify)

Specialised Network Services

Network Management (maintenance of client's internal network)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services
Virtual ISP Services (resale of dial-up facilities by client)
Other (please specify)


Internet Literacy Courses (end-user training)
Network Maintenance (network operations training)
Advanced Networking (routing, BGP and related training)
Other (please specify)

Domain Name registrations:

A page on ISPAs website will list all ISPA members who always register domains in their clients' names, and not in their own name.

Both ISPA and UniForum SA are able to use this page as a reference when queries are submitted by consumers for information on ISPs whose policy it is to register domains in their clients' names. We believe that this will alleviate some of the Code of Conduct complaints that ISPA receives.

We always register our customers' domains in the name of that customer
(field 2a on the registration form),
and we would like to be listed accordingly on the ISPA web site.
We do not always register domains in the name of the clients, or we do not register domain names on behalf of clients at all, and therefore do not qualify to be listed.

If there are any other comments you would like listed about your company, or your company's products and services, please include them below:

I have read and understand the membership application guidelines.

I have read the ISPA's Code of Conduct and I accept that as a member of ISPA, my organisation will be bound by this Code.


iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

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