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Currant Technologies

Tel: +27.21.421.0868

Email: info @


Internet access services:

  • Leased line access (dedicated 64k+)
  • Other: WiFi and wireless where permitted and VPN

Hosting services:

  • Web site hosting (site hosted on ISP's server)
  • Server hosting (co-location of client's server on ISP's network)

Hardware provision:

  • Routers (rental)
  • Routers (sale)
  • Servers (rental)
  • Servers (sale)
  • Other: full house networking and routing solutions

Security services:

  • Software firewalls (installation, configuration, maintenance)
  • Hardware firewalls (installation, configuration, maintenance)
  • Security audits (testing of client's level of security)
  • Other: networking audit as well

Content development:

  • Web site (development and maintenance of client's web site)
  • Intranet (development and maintenance of client's internal content)
  • Other: software development in SQL, ACCESS, FoxPro

Specialised network services:

  • Network management (maintenance of client's internal network)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
  • Virtual ISP services (resale of dial-up facilities by client)
  • Other: bandwidth management and prioritising plus IP transit


  • Internet literacy courses (end-user training)
  • Network maintenance (network operations training)
  • Advanced networking (routing, BGP, and related training)
  • Other:


  • Internet Partners was established in South Africa in 2000. We are one of the young and dynamic Internet Access Providers, with focus on guaranteed internet access to corporate clients, networking, telecommunication and VPN access worldwide. We have been helping our customers over the past 3 years with the design and implementation of complex data communication, telecommunication networks and turnkey internet projects. With our main office in Cape Town and a branch office in Johannesburg , we cover all of the main internet exchanges and provide our customers with state-of-the-art equipment, reliable bandwidth and the highest standard of professional services.

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iWeek 2009

iWeek 2009 conference and exhibition,
Bryanston, Johannesburg,
2-4 September 2009.

Please contact ISPA for sponsorship and exhibition queries:
iweek (at)

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